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We specialise in Gun Dogs, the Hungarian Vizsla, Weimaraner, Golden Retriever and German Shorthaired Pointer, and find they make excellent working dogs and obedient family pets.

Gundog breeds are some of the most popular dogs in the world. However the vast majority of them are never worked in the field, and with most of those that do work are also living in our homes, as members of our families.

There suitability as pets is partly linked to the specialist roles that they were bred for.

As these dogs are breed to work closely with man they tend to be the most co-operative in nature of dogs.

Stud Dogs

All our stud dogs are available to health tested bitches and at short notice if required, all are vaccinated and heath checked, all are hip scored and eye and elbow tested where applicable.






In order to use one of our Studs your bitch should be aged between 18 months to 8 years of age at whelping. Bitches over 8 years of age cannot be breed from without consent from the Kennel Club.
She should not have had a litter in the last 12 months, a 12 months gap between births is required.
She should have had her Hips and Elbows* scored (*Golden Retreiver).
We also advise owners to consider having DNA tests depending on breed such as Cerbellar Ataxia for the Hungarian Vizsla, PRA1/2 Golden Retriever.
Your bitch must be good-natured and in good health.
She should be up to date with vaccinations.
As future breeders you should make use of the breeding and export endorsements available from the Kennel Club at the time of registering your puppies to prevent the puppies you have raised falling into the hands of puppy farmers or being shipped to countries with poor animal welfare standards. Information on the use of these endorsements are available here

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